We've got a new one in the family!

And like we do here at Team Thompson, he's adopted...by Mychael!   Okay, well sort of.   He's the son of Mychael's girlfriend.   I always told Mychael and Malcolm that they needed to wait until they were much, much older to have children because let's face it, it's a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice.  So, after Mychael started dating his super family oriented and successful girlfriend, he was nervous to tell me that she had a son.  I was so excited that he had made a connection with someone (and with someone who came highly credentialed) that I didn't worry so much about the fact that she had a son.  Then I met him, and the rest is history.   He is so cute!  He loves to dance for the girls.  How can a two and a half year old boy know what so many forty year old men don't?  This is how you get a date.  I just hope he's still doing it when he's sixteen.